With the popularity of Pokemon Go in the last year most people know about Pokemon. We did these cosumes for Anime North 2017 (which is just outside of Toronto). These costumes were so fun, comfortable, and they looked great.

We are adding to these to wear in the future. We are adding wigs and modifying our staffs which were very last minute.

Bioshock Splicers

Bioshock is one of my favourite video games, so a very fun and necessary cosplay was the masquerade guests turned monsters that are the enemies in the video game.

We altered dollar store masks and thrift shop dresses. We constructed the props from eva foam and worbla. We covered EVERYTHING in blood splatters.

*Helpful Cosplay Hint - Make sure to get gas in the car before you are dressed for the convention. I did not and people at gas stations are not very kind to Splicers!