Planning the Samurai Costume

There are a lot of parts to my Samurai costume and I have to get moving as soon as possible. I wrote out a list this morning of all the parts that I could think of. I took a picture and included it below. I am a good seamstress so most of the work will be props and accessories.

The plan is to complete the ears, clasps, earrings, and head piece construction tomorrow. I will seal and paint these pieces over the next few days. Friday I will cut out my robe. Saturday will be for sewing. Embellishment and decoration will be on Sunday. Next is the sheath and sword. These will be Monday/Tuesday. Necklace and gloves will be Wednesday, with finishing touches on Thursday.

Here is a sketch of the ears, earclasp, and head piece. I will be creating patterns and constructing the pieces from craft foam and worbla tomorrow. I will document and blog during and afterwards.

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