MakerQueen Current

A part time teacher through the year, the summer is for projects that have been neglected while busy.

The thing I am most excited about is Leather! I am taking a traditional leatherworking class this summer and find it so satisfying! Expect lots of leather projects coming soon.

Pale Empress Current

A student through the year, the Pale Empress has been sketching and drawing non stop since her exams ended.

She is working on some commissions, her webcomic, and a yeager that her boyfriend designed.

Sherlock Kitten Current

A student through the year, Sherlock Kitten has been organizing, completing many diy projects, crocheting, and trying lots of new makeup looks.

She is planning many sewing projects and alterations, as well as custom fabric design.

Cosplay and Video Games

We love to dress up and make costumes. The more elaborate the better! The costumes pictured here are genderbent bosses from a video game called Diablo III. All pieces were handmade and sewn by us!

Food and Things Around the House

Bento boxes, healthy snacks, homemade treats and 3D designed and printed solutions - check our living blog posts for fun alternative things!

Next Steps...

What are our future plans? Have a suggestion for us?