Making is our Way

I believe that anyone can be good at making things. It just takes determination, drive, will, and the ability to try again when things don't go as planned. Know that something will always go wrong, but you have the ability to fix anything.

The three most important skills for the present and the future are the ability to follow instructions and the ability to start and finish projects. Many people are starters that don't finish or talkers that don't start. Successful makers plan, start, finish, fix, and celebrate!

The Story (Not the whole story, the sum up)

I learned to sew as a child and my family is full of artists. When I was home with my young children I realized with dismay that kids do crafts that are basically landfill. I began a quest to teach my children and others to make things that people would treasure and keep.

I began an after school maker program at my daughters' small private school where we played with computers, coding, lego, robots, minecraft, needlecraft, painting, and costume construction. The administration of the school loved what I was doing and invited me to bring my program into the regular curriculum.

I now have three full nights of my program. All students from grade one to grade eight have my maker class twice per week. If I post a project on this page, it has been kid tested and approved!

Join us...

Enjoy reading about our experiences and follow our maker story...