Recipe Instructable Featured!

My Instructable was featured!

Instructable: Easy Health Berry Crisp

This recipe was completely invented by me as a healthy and quick dessert. The amount of sugar is low and there are oats and fruit! I will also do a gluten free version and a sugar free version.

I took the plunge and joined Instructables on the 31st of July. I have been meaning to for the last year as I use the site all the time. Since joining I have had three of my Instructables featured and have entered 3 contests.

As there is a Food section I figured that some of my recipes would be helpful for other busy parents. I am a fan of fast, easy and healthy for those days when you just don’t feel like cooking. Ordering is always too much money, not as healthy, and portions that are to large. I always overeat and feel gross when we order.


Update: Another recipe Instructable that I submitted was featured today!

Instructable: School Safe Granola Bar Alternatives

This recipe was altered from a magazine recipe as a way to give the kids healthy snacks for athletic activities where nuts are not allowed. Eating these cookies is a little like eating a handful of oats, seeds and dried fruit. It is a super fast recipe as well, you can go from wanting a healthy snack to eating one in about 18 minutes!



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