Final Fantasy XIV Ninja & Monk Artifact Gear

Two DPS classes that have beautiful and badass gear. The reference images are from my in-game character.

I love the aesthetic of these costumes! The base pieces will be sewn with applique and painted details and the armour will be constructed with EVA foam.

It is laughably obvious which costume the 50 year old will wear compared to the 16 year old. As it will be made by her mom, the top will be a bit longer!

The ninja will be a bit of a challenge, but I’m always up for a challenge…

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Organize and Decorate for the Winter!

Life is busy!

I find pretty much anything more interesting than organizing kitchen cupboards and making sure my throw pillows match.  Keeping the house in a manageable state is a huge task for me.

I was decorating my house in an online game yesterday and wondered why I don’t enjoy doing the same thing in real life. So I am going to try to find a way.

Follow along – I have decided to blog about it to make myself more accountable!

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Anything is Possible

Our society is prepackaged and disposable. People tend to buy things before even thinking of how to make them. Up-cycling is a nice idea, but when I offer people a drink in a mason jar they still look at me like I’m crazy. Expensive travel mugs that LOOK like mason jars are sold at expensive coffee chains.

We eat crap, buy crap, watch crap, and consume consume consume. I am guilty of it as well. I have too many things and nowhere to put anything. I want to love everything I have. I want everything to be special in some way. I want to eat great healthy things and have a place for everything.

I am not offering solutions – just a documented process.


Next Steps…

Follow us as we attempt to make what we need, organize our things and live purposefully without losing our sense of wonder…